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Roger Edwards, Chairman of the Buckingham Community Pantomime, an organization committed to creating fun and raising funds for charity presents Shacks Barn & Buckingham RDA, which is one of the chosen recipients of Pantomime funds this year, with a cheque for £400.  This money will be used to purchase stirrups with toe cages and safety helmets for the new riders from our waiting list.  So, in spite of the foul weather, there were smiles all around after all due to the generosity of Buckingham Community Pantomime.

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Hannah’s Equestrian Event

On Sunday 6th May I went to a Family Equestrian Event held at Moulton College,

Northamptonshire. I met Chris McGarity (County chairman) & lots of other children &

helpers from different RDA groups. In the morning I had the opportunity to ride a pony in the amazing huge indoor arena & had a ride on the mechanical horse. After lunch we watched some demonstrations & displays by Paralympic Champion Lee Pearson, GBR

Para-dressage rider Sophie Wells & the British Equestrian Vaulting Team. They were all amazing. We had the opportunity to meet them all & their horses & have our pictures taken. I like Lee Pearson because he is a very funny man & made us all laugh. It was a very exciting & fun day.

Hannah Lyons

Join up- Buster & Harry

This week Harry, Jacob and Megan where working on their body language to demonstrate strong confident leadership qualities to buster.

Definition: Join up is a method of bonding with a horse through body language. Body position and eye contact are used to send the horse away from the handler, and then to invite the horse to approach. If the horse does not approach the handler respectfully, it is again sent away from the handler. The theory behind join up is that the horse will feel segregated from the herd leader (handler) and then act appropriately to be accepted. Signs of appropriate behaviour and successful join up include a lowered head, licking and chewing while walking quietly to the handler.

In this Video you can see how Harry gets more and more confident to send Buster away and when Harry is accepting Busters requests to connect ...Buster beautifully allows Harry to be the leader and follows him to the shoulder!! Amazing moment for horse and handler when they connect!!

Click to watch the video

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